Choosing a wedding venue in Greece is one of the most important decisions you will make during your destination wedding planning process. If you are planning a destination wedding in Greece we're perfectly sure you're in the look for that special feeling of having found "the one", but there are more key concepts to consider, before you book your wedding venue in Greece. Asking all the right questions and consulting not only with your wedding planner but with your Greece wedding photographer as well, will assure your celebration is exactly as you have dreamed of. As destination wedding photographers we have quite the experience with venues so let us hint you with the top insights.

Ios island - Ios Club


Okay, this sounds obvious enough, however, making certain that the space you chose is large enough to accommodate your guests, your entire reception stations, your photography crew, and your party also impacts how your wedding images render. You don't want to have images where everyone and everything look crammed and on top of one another. Even when planning an elopement in the Greek islands you will find that not all venues offer the best spaces for smaller events as a balcony may look dreamy but won't leave space enough for the photography crew to fan out and capture your love from every angle (consult us on this one).

Attica - Pyrgos Petreza


Ios - Cycladic Gem Luxury Villa


As you are standing in the space of your wedding venue, envision where your big-day festivities can take place (especially if you plan on having a ceremony on the property). You don't wish to compromise the flow of your events with odd shapes, other events taking part in the same grounds, odd locations or obstructions in your venue that block your guests' views. Choosing a Greek island destination wedding venue should be an informed choice that your wedding photographer can help you with. As we have shot weddings in myriads of venues we know exactly what you're to find at each and nothing would make us happier than have you tap on our expertise.


Lighting opportunities can make—or break—the ambiance of your wedding venue. We mean, one major reason destination weddings in Greece look so perfect in photographs is the light, which you do want to keep into your reception as well. If you're planning an evening affair, ensure that the lighting can be controlled for the big entrance, dinner and dancing. You definitely wish to avoid that purple lighting (making you look like characters from Avatar) during your big entrance. If your venue has various options you can ask for soft glowing sweet lighting which will make the entrance uber-romantic, or create ambiance in candles and leave the disco lights for the party.


Your wedding venue will also serve as a backdrop to all the events being photographed, so to consider having a splendid view is of major importance. Whether it is the pasty perfection of Mykonos and Ios, the cool stonework of an Athens mansion, the volcanic caldera of Santorini or the splendour of the Mediterranean in Corfu a Greece wedding venue with exceptional views and architectural beauty is a plus. When talking about views, consider the entire venue aesthetics, the artwork on the walls, the fine flooring and ceilings, the decor, the amazing chandeliers, and the gardens that will all give your reception site that something extra.

Santorini - El Viento


Every Greece destination wedding comes with a specific palette or theme, so make sure that your venue's existing, non-removable, décor does not clash with your wedding vision. The hues, the facade and the outdoor spaces should not drastically conflict with your celebration's ambiance. You definitely want your wedding photographs to look more streamlined and peaceful, and colors are a major factor in this, no matter what kind of editing your wedding photographer goes for.


When confabbing with your Greece wedding venue always ask whether there are ample power outlets, and we don't only mean those where your guests can charge their phones. Your entertainment crew and your photography and videography squad will require functional power outlets to keep your wedding party going. Take note of all the electrical outlets in your reception area and supply them with more than enough extension cords they can use safely.


Nobody wishes to even think about rain putting a damper during their outdoor wedding in Greece. Although we consider it good luck over these parts and have taken some of our most stunning wedding photographs during rainy days, we always advise our brides and grooms to consider a backup plan in case mother nature brings on the showers. Be it your ceremony or your wedding reception, figure out if your venue comes with a well-lit indoor space to use if the weather turns. Setting up an outdoor tent if your heart is set on an alfresco celebration is also an alternative but again the venue of your choice should be able to provide space enough.

Need more wedding photography and planning insights? We love discussing everything about wedding with our Greece destination wedding clients, so feel free to contact us directly for a complementary consultation!