Warm breeze lifting off the sun-backed earth, the first drops of wine with languid lunches, scents of lavender and thyme strung through the evening air, or perhaps some remote eastern Alhambra palace, sand dunes, the Atlas Mountains, the short cobblestoned walks of the Greek islands, the secret passageways connecting cities, breathtaking tea-plantations, or Spanish baron haciendas. Motoring through a vast world and documenting love wherever it soars is one of our deepest joys and life goals. As wedding photographers, we have been blessed to capture stories in the most spectacular of destinations but our next stop is always the best one yet. This year we will be traveling for destination weddings across Europe and North Africa, so if you wish to meet us along the way and have us tell your story in sophisticated images you can call it a date!


Drop us a line  here  for a detailed list of our upcoming travel dates and perhaps we can make some magic together!