Blue is the color of mindfulness, serenity, and spirituality, and when it comes to weddings one of the most versatile hues as its palette is practically inexhaustible. When we began to design our shoot earlier this year, our thoughts were all about inspiring couples to consider a destination wedding that goes deeper than the typical getaway and gravitates more around conscious traveling. We wanted to present a location where the enthusiasm for life's simple pleasures is infectious, and taking lungfuls of crisp ocean breeze would have them sense true presence and meaning in their nuptials. What better place than Ios Island in the Cyclades whose little-trodden trails are still unspoiled by tourism, and what better palette than the blue one to resonate with our concept.

While we were still in the design process of our shooting, travel took a massive U-turn and unforeseen restrictions pointed out how fragile our casual traveling liberties were. An atmosphere of uncertainty pervaded, destination events were postponed if not utterly canceled, our access and ability to wander fell through. However, if 2020 has taught us anything this was the way humanity always tries to find solutions, to reinvent itself from scratch. As one month melted into another we began to witness a complete shift in the mindset of destination wedding couples. The thought of freedom transcended the current moment and offered a blueprint for what destination nuptials can become within the world's new context. Couples refocused on what is essential, and eventually, their island-hopping blues turned to a rekindled interest in experiencing something substantial and momentous.

We understood we had to go on. We gathered our team again, got into discussions with our floral designer, our venue, our vendors, and our initial palette, that of blue, now seemed more relevant than ever because apart from spirituality, serenity, and contemplation, it also symbolizes idealism, communication, and hope. Soon as restrictions on traveling loosened up for Greece, we jumped on a boat and set the scene. Ios' skyline looked brighter than ever, the pasty streets and churches cleaner and the colors around so much more vibrant than before. We imagined a fete where the guest list is small but the setting laden with possibilities; ample, airy spaces, stunning vistas, a sense of wonder and exclusivity;

Our details included an arch to symbolize the inner circle, the circle of life, and the motion of things and feelings, a seated dinner scape with an open view over the crescent of the bay, topped with sea elements, and a pillar of a cake stand decked with a gateau that looks as if a white rock has just emerged from the depths of the ocean. For the styling of the bride, we chose a shimmering gown paired with ethereal makeup and hair jewels to match the twinkles of lights across the chora as the sun went down. Every detail became a nod to this idea that past any vogue or trend sealing your joined destiny does not have to be ostentatious but rather like water; able to find its way through the stone, making life flourish again, and help one move through places they could not during wintertime.

Venue: Ios Club

Event planning & design: IoannaKaratzaEvents

Bridal dress: Renatamarmara

Floral artist: Jimlabraco

Hair : Eleni_hairartist

Shoes: Cardou_official