Love and hapiness from Louisiana to Ios Island Greece

Time flies so fast when you're busy making plans. And Britanny and Morgan's Ios destination wedding was definitely not among them. But you know what they say, what will happen, will happen, and despite what we sometimes may think won't ever come, it actually does, and it's better than we ever dreamt it would be. Yup, Britanny and Morgan again.

You see, this beautiful, bubbly, and optimistic bride never lost her bright smile- not when her initial plans to say "I do" to the love of her life experienced a significant annulment, due to C-19 (yes, that word again); Not when all dates were misprinted, adjusted, or completely modified. And while anyone in her bridal kicks would probably shrink the dream of a perfect destination wedding, nothing could burst this couple's bubble.

After waiting, celebrating their first anniversary in nothing more than a cake and its topper, and trusting the timing of their life, the hour arrived. Together with their closest and dearest, they jetted off to magical Ios Island in the Cyclades. And they threw the most enchanting September wedding -August according to the invites- read on, and you'll see why - which can convince even the biggest skeptics that luxe and boho CAN pair so elegantly.

Their venue of choice, the iconic Ios Club, the sunset bar-cum wedding venue, which, according to the owners (and they're very right on that), brings on one's natural high. Their scheme: a gorgeous dried-flower soaked setting, proof that preserved blooms, Lunaria, and feather grass, next to wild, and heady native herbs can be the perfect fall-wedding floral choice as opposed to gloomy looking, dark fresh blooms.

And what can we say about this fairy light-strewn terrace, the escapist vibes of their ceremony overlooking the island's harbor, or the smiles on their faces? We DID cry! We DID laugh our hearts out! They DID have one heck of a time! And their I DO's were more relevant and romantic than ever! Britanny's face glows, Morgan's gentleness so evident, and we love, love how they didn't stop smiling for a moment. If their bravery, their kindness, and their persistence over the hurdles are not the requisites for a great life together, we don't know what is!

"When my husband proposed to me and we planned our wedding the first time my mother in law bought us a handkerchief which had our wedding date embroidered on it. This wedding date was unable to happen due to Covid 19.

After we had been married for some time I had our actual wedding certificate made, that is a different date than our initial planned wedding.

On our first year anniversary my husband surprised me with a little wedding cake and a wedding topper. We didn’t get to have a wedding cake when we signed our marriage license as we still thought a wedding ceremony was possible.

I also accidentally put the wrong date on the invitations I had printed. It is still September 1st even though it says August 1st. It seems fitting that none of the dates on the things we bring match up to the actual date we will be there lol."

Venue: Ios Club
Flowers: moustakisflowercompany
Wedding dress: wtoowatters