Athens Riviera proposal

If you thought guys didn't take the time to plan their big question, think again because this romantic Greek beach holiday shoot evolved into the most beautiful wedding proposal!

Engagement season is on, and long gone are the days when a guy would only carry a ring in his pocket, eagerly waiting to pop the question at the right time. Blame it on Instagram, and the new age of photography showering people with proposal material... Don't get us wrong, grooms-to-be are still eager and will probably carry the ring in their pocket. But now, they take time to focus on their proposal's importance and curate the perfect surprise for their beloved one.

Case in point, Eugene. He wrote to us mid-wedding season in early July and asked for our insights to "stage" the perfect proposal for Martina. Easy peasy... We asked him to let us in on her loves, passions, and what makes her tick. The feedback we got was that she adores anything to do with food. In fact, she's got a blog of her own devoted to food styling and photography. She is crazy in love with the sea and is willing to travel miles to find the perfect beach, and she doesn't like big crowds and cosmopolitan places as she is low-key. "I'm not certain she's going to love the idea of getting proposed to someplace busy," he confided.

Since the couple was planning to jet off to Greece in September, we suggested that Martina knew there was going to be a photographer involved and that after thorough research, Eugene had located the perfect quiet hideaway of a beach so as they could have a couple shoot to remember their holidays by. Martina loved the idea but had no clue about what was precisely coming. We paired Eugene with our beloved Broderie Anglaise Events, who went above and beyond to craft the most idyllic scene for the couple.

Athina seamlessly conjured up the prettiest picnic, involving Martina's favorite palette, and style topped it with bubbly, fresh fruit, and delicious bites, and made sure that every inch of the styling looked neat and boho, just like Martina loves.

On the day, we met with the couple for a cup of coffee and headed for the shoot. It was poodling sands and getting our hair saltier, and then the little scene revealed itself. Martina felt something was coming and was thrilled with the styling and the ambiance of it all. Then Eugene kneeled and offered her the ring, and this shy, romantic gal's face changed completely. She really couldn't stop smiling and practically shouted the answer. Our guess is it was an utter success, and we can't wait to shoot their wedding next year.