TWINKLY, OUTDOORSY & GORGEOUS: Moving forward to more outdoor weddings and events for 2021, destination wedding couples are leaning towards more natural, fresh air, outdoor events. As Greek island wedding photographers with an agenda chock-full of Santorini elopements, Ios luxury microweddings, and Corfu Luxury Villa affairs, let us tell you our 2021 couples are opting for dainty fairy lights, mood lighting, tended weddings, and open terrace events that will let the breeze and the milky light enfold their celebrations. Saying I do in the Cyclades after all is all about indulging in those perfectly creamy sunsets and dreamy, immaculate vistas.

INDIVIDUALIZED PORTIONS are definitely on the upswing for 2021 weddings. From miniature-sized cakes and single-serve boards to packs of sweets and distinctive libation in individual bottles, all created in wow-factor presentations will surely enthuse guests and add flair to your receptions.

LIVING-ROOM DECORATIVE PUNCHES won't only create a comfy ambiance but accommodate guests who need to remain seated for a longer time. Think throws and plush cushions, benches and poufs, a cozy rendition of the country style home brought outdoors.

BRUNCH WEDDINGS are not something utterly new. If you're a SATC movie buff you've already seen Mrs.Preston, formerly Carrie Bradshaw celebrate her wedding to Mr.Big in that note. In 2021 however, brunch weddings won't find their place in a local neighborhood dinner but rather around the same hour. Take advantage of daylight and if it's too bright ask your wedding designer to curate a lovely shade. This way you will have the chance to enjoy a full-day where lunch begins with Mimosas!

BREEZY WEDDING PALETTES are going to be all the rage, as for 2021 color is the new white. From colorful and pattern induced wedding gowns, to bold and punchy schemes where outstanding florals make a statement, everything is to channel joy and happiness. Expect coy whites to be overshadowed by zesty, exuberant palettes that ooze personality, graphic stationery, elaborate textures, and popping brights!

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