Greece Wedding Photographers

Cheek to Cheek

   They say that dancing is to create a sculpture visible only for a moment, two billowing silhouettes and their untamed energy of magic. That is how our story began. We met on stage and between singing and dancing tango we were in love. We soon found out we had so much in common, our passion for wedding photography and our devotion to capturing magic bound to be visible for life. And this is how our story went on, joining forces, laughing hard, falling deeper for each other, and working alongside immensely-in-love, elegant couples who wish to remember their grandest moments in all their unapologetic beauty. Today, tucked away in a modern single in Athens, our Studio buzzes day and night with activity. Drop in unannounced, and you just might find us planning ahead with our brides and grooms, Skyping across the globe, culling countless wedding visuals, or styling a shoot for your inspiration. Amid the flurry of each wedding season, working on editorial shooting and sourcing the newest photographic gear, we tirelessly focus on crafting scene-stealing love stories. Our vision feasts on sartorial nods, revels in the allure of destinations and reaps the simple but oh-so meaningful pleasure of families and loved ones having the time of their lives. Whether intimate or grand we’ll venture near and far to harvest and cultivate what means the world to you. The moments, the vibes, the surprising emotions, your open and your close embraces, your sweetheart walks and your caresses, because at the end of the day, a wedding to us is still … a tango for two.

Meet Panos

I grew up in Athens, Greece. At 18, a manual focus Nikon FE2 caught my attention and had me fall for the process, the feeling and its shutter sounds. Along with my university studies in Public Administration came Dance and soon after, dancing professionally and teaching Argentine Tango I felt the need to step further into Photography Studies. The digital age took me by storm, I started working in fashion, brands and portraiture. My then clients asked me to document their weddings and that is how my wedding photography brand was born: I knew exactly what I wanted to do, unleash the same inner passion that dancing carries- two bodies, two souls, two spirits and two starting points but at the same time a common purpose: connection. WHAT HE LOVES – My partner in life, in dancing and at work Sophia , the quiet of the rain, the ocean spray, surfing the wind, the smell of books, a flick night, old-fashioned clocks, our cat, a snowed-in day at the slopes, mountain dew, a bustling bazaar, a small tripod, neat packing, the sleepy charm of sunny afternoons, riding our Jeep to the coast, Rachmaninoff ‘s 2nd piano concerto, the sensory splendor of a new destination.

Meet Sophia

An Athens native who has been spending all I could afford in cameras and film rolls, I studied Architecture, Classical Piano and Composition, Professional  Dance, and all that without the camera ever leaving my hand. After having spent extensive hours in the darkroom, working on prints, and shooting on both a professional and a personal level, love came to stay. Panos offered to carry my gear, we then began to dance and forgot to leave each other’s side ever since. Dancing and crafting images have been what brought us together and turned a unit out of us, or better, a union. As a wedding photographer, I’ve found that great storytelling has the power to remind us that more than the differences that divide us, it is our similarities that bind us. WHAT SHE LOVES – My partner in life, in dancing and at work Panos, unspoiled sands, timeworn architecture, labyrinthine alleys you can get lost in, stalls of spices, our cat, great storytelling, the waves, the less that is more, go-getters, gentleness, my piano, riding the dunes in our Jeep, Agatha Christie’s books, Rachmaninoff ‘s 2nd piano concerto, a pair of Jimmy Choos, The Stones, handwritten notes.